Sunday Sweat

A 5 Rhythms Dance Class with Kate Iwi

All about Kate Iwi

All About Kate Iwi


Kate first came across 5 rhythms 15 years ago  and  it rapidly became the weekly practice she used to keep herself sane and fit.  She decided 8 years ago that she wanted to be a teacher and was accepted by Gabrielle Roth on the teaching path in 2006.  She has been teaching now for about 7 years.  Kate is also an experienced forensic and child psychotherapist with a complex patchwork of jobs spanning the fields of child protection, family violence and international development.  She is the mother of 2 girls who also regularly dance five rhythms. 

Her teaching style is  strengthened by her psychological approach to the 5rhythms but she says she tries to keep it simple and down to earth.  She says "I try to teach what ever it is that I need to learn in any given week - as a result my heart is always really in it, but I'm definitely not guru material!"

here's some things people have said about Kate....

"her classes always feel really safely held and reassuring so I feel able to fully express myself"

"despite that she's not very new age, her classes often feel very magical - as if i've taken part in a little ritual" 

"I love the music - it's a perfect mix of the obscure and the recognisable"